SaberEXP delivers the fastest simulation convergence for early power supply, converter and motor drive designs with seamless export flow into SaberRD for high-fidelity system designs.


  • Overview:
  • SaberEXP is a piecewise linear (PWL) circuit simulator that enables design teams to start early and validate their power supply/converter and motor drive designs prior to physical implementation with its fastest simulation convergence. It provides a scalable simulation solution for accelerating power electronics designs with its seamless export flow into SaberRD for high fidelity large system design leading to lower development costs.

  • Benefits:
    • Simple and more robust to use than SPICE-like tools
      High-speed PWL solver with an event queue for event-driven and digital signals
      Automatic time-step calculation based on the internal circuit time constants
      Faster results for the stiff power electronic circuits in both time and frequency domains without integration error
      Fast and accurate Periodic AC analysis to verify the stability of Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) without tedious average model derivations
      Parametric and statistical design capabilities for optimizing and verifying system robustness
      Suite of measurement and waveform calculation tools for analyzing results
      A single standard simulation environment with seamless export flow into SaberRD for high fidelity large system design
      Minimizes costly physical hardware testing, saves project resources and accelerates time-to-market