Proven platform for designing, modeling and simulating physical systems, enabling virtual prototyping for applications in analog/power electronics, electronic power conversion, and mechatronics.


  • Overview

  • SaberRD is an intuitive, integrated environment for designing and analyzing power electronic systems and multi-domain physical systems. With the proven Saber™ simulation technology at its core,
  • SaberRD combines ease of use with the power to handle today’s complex electrical power problems, allowing engineers to explore design performance, optimize robustness and assure system reliability
  • for a broad range of generation, conversion and distribution applications. SaberRD’s true multidomain physical modeling and analysis capabilities provide engineers with a virtual prototyping platform
  • that supports complete system design. SaberRD accelerates design for engineering organizations in automotive, aerospace, defense and industrial power.

  • The SaberRD Demo Edition is available for academic, personal, and noncompetitive evaluation purposes, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the SaberRD Demo/Student Edition End-User Software License Agreement.